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How Do You Start a Superhero School? Pt.1 – Pieter Spinder, Founder of Knowmads in Amsterdam

So Pieter, how did all this begin? In june 2009 we started with the idea of founding a school for social entrepreneurs. And, as I use to say: ideas have consequences. We then sat together for three days and designed a one-year program based on four questions we had ourselves: In what world do we (want to) live? (Sustainability & Social Innovation) What do I want to contribute/change? (Personal ...[Read More]

Superhero Travels Pt.1 – The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a learning journey across the continent for young, wealthy Europeans which was popular from about 1660 to 1840. The purpose of this trip was to cultivate young people, by giving them new experiences in several countries. The diverse cultures, languages and traditions that the travellers encountered on these trips was thought to prepare them for the multi-disciplinary conversatio ...[Read More]

Superhero Spaces in China – Pt. 2: Xin Chejian, Shanghai

Shanghai, China’s largest seaport, is also the country’s most cosmopolitan city, and the centre of its largest industrial region. Xin Chejian, or ‘new workshop’, embodies the cosmopolitan dynamism of Shanghai. Xin Chejian is a makerspace, and it sure looks like one. A model plane hangs from the ceiling, bizarre plastic and glass vats hold plants by one of the windows, with UV lighting and water gu ...[Read More]