Five Superhero Spaces to visit when in Berlin

Berlin is full of superhero spaces.

Innovation labs, coworking spaces, makerlabs, artists’ collectives, creative clusters, abandoned warehouses, experimental living hubs, underground clubs, hackerspaces, social innovation incubators etc.

Here are five of them, recommended to us by Berlin-based entrepreneur Jonathan Imme – co-founder of the awesome initiatives Palomar 5 and Ignore Gravity.


1. Betahaus, Kreuzberg


From the betahaus website:

“We’ve envisioned a space that functions as a combination of a Vienna-style coffee house, a library, a home office, or a university campus. We combine the best aspects of these locations, and use them to slowly build the idea of betahaus.

Since January 2009, we have been operating in a formerly state-owned space on Prinzessinnenstraße, close to Moritzplatz in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Our team consists of highly-talented people from different disciplines, such as design, architecture, and more. At betahaus, we seek to implement our own ideas from work and life, as well as to invite other designers to exhibit, test, and further develop their ideas and prototypes in our space. Who knows what may emerge from this flow of ideas…”

2. Agora Space, Kreuzberg


From the Agora website:

“Agora is a network that creatively facilitates the exchange, development and encounter of ideas, skills and resources amongst people and projects.

This network is a cultural hub where educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial values are cultivated and exchanged. Housed in a restored Altbau in the heart of Berlin, Agora hosts people and projects from various backgrounds giving them the space, infrastructure and accessory, allowing their ideas to succeed.

With bright office spaces, large art studios, silent zones and a bustling café, Agora provides a complex that can be transformed and curated for a range of uses and purposes, depending on its members necessities.”

3. Direktorenhaus, Mitte


From fine art to various applied arts practices such as illustration, glass, ceramics to the product design and new artistic strategies – all in pursuit of creative insights that improve our world. The Direktorenhaus’s scientific and cultural missions are supported by philanthropic individuals and foundations, forward-thinking partner companies and government agencies.”

4. Malzfabrik, Tempelhof


From the Malzfabrik website:

“We are designers of a place shaped by creativity and culture, standing out through its environmentally conscious positioning.
We understand ourselves as a vibrant island in an urban industrial zone, that stimulates unconventional thinking.

The brick buildings from the period of promoterism radiate their unique charm on every corner and create room for new impulses and creative dialogue.
With lots of personal commitment, we take care of our guests and tenants as well as of our “big red one” every single day.”

5. Supermarket, Wedding


From the Supermarkt blog:

“The SUPERMARKT is a conference and workshop center, a café and coworking space and a place where international people gather.

As fans of Digital Culture and Open Source solutions we often organize community-based events: Hackathons, developer events, tech workshops, book- and magazine sprints.

We curate our own programme with an emphasis on Open Source Technologies, Freelance Work and Social Innovation. Freitagsfrühstück, our DIY Masterclasses, Conferences and Labs frequently take place in Supermarkt.”


For more spaces in Berlin, check out The Creative Space Explorer.

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